In winter 2017-2018 we plan to pair three bitches in our kennel. Below you will be able to read about the plans and how it goes. It is possible to stuff puppy with delivery in spring 2018 already. We also seek exhibition-friendly people for food. The requirement is that you live near Kungälv / Gothenburg.


Mating is done. We expect puppies 22 january.

This puppy litter will have a 0.78% inbred grade calculated in 5 generations. Both colors will be possible. Puppies from this combination is alreday booked. If you are intrested of this combination contact me for future litters.

SECh, SRBCh, HUCh Alisa Mali Zmaj "Alisa"

Born: 23-04-14

Reg: SE49472 / 2016

Patella and Eye Enlightenment U.A 4-10-17

BPH: 1-4-2017

Height: 27.5cm

Fully trained and correct bets.

Father: SRBCh Thenicans Xpose (born in Sweden) (JR72682Ptp)

Mother: INTCh SRBCh ROCh GRCh Lotus Mali Zmaj (JR72435Ptp)

Meriter: Has been exhibited since moving to Sweden in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands with great results. CACIBx3 needs one last to become INTCh, CRUFTS qualified for 2017 and postponed in England at CRUFTS.

Multatuli Double On The Top "Murek"

Born: 20-10-2012

Reg: RKF3525609

Patella U. 2015, Eyeglass U.A 2015,2016, 2017

Height: 29 cm

Fully trained and correct bets.

Father: RUCh Multatuli Never Give Up (RKF2864338)

Mother: RUCh Clila Me Beit Hamaayan (ISBR89461)

Murek has 4 litters distributed to 17 puppies.

He has been Junior winner twice in Croatia, exhibited there with excellent x2 and exhibited in Norway with excellent x1 and very good x 1

Mating is done. We expect puppies 15 january.

Puppies for the following parents will receive 0.39% inbreeding grade in 5 generations.

Are you intrested in this combination, you can contact me.


Bona Anima Mali Zmaj "Anima"

Born: 18-6-2014

Reg: SE67570 / 2015

Patella U.A 1-6-2016, Eye Encyclopedia U.A 1-6-2016, 4-10-2017

BPH: 28-5-2016 m shot approved.

Height: 28cm

Completed with the correct bet.

Father: INTCh, ISPUCh, SRBCh, HUCh, CH Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Casanova Mali Zmaj


Anima has a litter born 2016 with two female puppies. Anima is exhibited In Sweden, Holland, Denmark with several fine results has 1 cert / cac.


RLD N RLD F Norwinstars Doctor Finklestein "Loke"

Born: 13-12-2013

Reg: SE16179 / 2014

Patella 23-3-2015 U.A Eye Enlightenment 23-3-2015, 4-10-2017 U.A

BPH with shot 28-5-2016 approved.

Height: 33.5cm

Completed with the correct bet

Father: Norwinstars Volbeat (NO51091 / 12)

Mother: HRCh Browny Vom Hause Gutmann (SHSB698796)

Loke is posed as a puppy with really nice results BOB puppy x4, JUNKK 3x2, UKK 3x1. Nowadays he competes in Rally Dance in Advanced Class.

Below coal if planned will get 1.66% inbreeding rate calculated in 5 generations. This litter will most likely only get black / tan puppies.

SECh DKCh RLD N, Anjediamond`s Ruby "Bonnie"

Born: 06-05-2015

Reg: SE32458 / 2015

Eye Enlightenment: 04-10-2017 U.A

Patella: 04-10-2017

BPH m shot: 01-04-2017 approved.

Height: 30cm

Teeth: Fully trained with correct bite.

Father: JWW-08 INT Ch SECH HUCH LTCH Multatuli On The Top "RKF2079352"

Mother: Rock N Bark Crash Diet "SE57877 / 2012"

Bonnie is waiting for her last CACIB, then she becomes INT CH.


All About Attitudes Blacklightning "Bolt"

Born: 21-05-2016

Reg: SE48700 / 2016

Eye Enlightenment: 23-05-2017 U.A

Patella: 23-05-2017 U.A

Teeth: Fully trained with correct bite.

BPH with shot: 17-09-2017 approved.

Height: 28.5cm

Father: NORD CH NOCH SECH DKCH Give Me Five V. Nobel Line "NO31642 / 14

Mother: ROCH GRCH LUXJCH Grand Mollis Adidas "IKCZ01154"

Bolt is qualified for CRUFTS 2018 has 2 cert / cac in Sweden, 1 cert / cac in Denmark

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