About us

I own the kennel is Jessica. I live with my husband Anders in a country house near both forest and sea. Here we live with our dogs. My dog's interest has been around for many years, but I was an adult when I bought my first own dog. It was a flat blend after him we were without a dog for many years, but 6 years ago my son and I were long-lasting and took care of two relocation dogs of less variety, unfortunately Ludde became ill and no longer belongs to us, but Ralf is the son of the son.

The son in the family is 23 years old and no longer lives at home.

By 2012 I would have a more working dog. After reading back and forth about the majority of breeds we landed on Dwarf Pinscher, a big dog in small packaging. An active dog who requires some but at the same time is easy to handle and does not fold so much. That said, moved our Bella in Dec 2012.

Together with our dogs I have participated in several courses such as puppy course, youth course / daytime listening, Ring training 1 o 2, Mixkurs X2, Rallylydnad steg 1 o 2 and Nosework.

In addition to this, I have passed Breeder Education:


Has the fall of 2015 been a training course as a breeding function when I worked in RAM in the Dwarf Pinch Club during the year 2015. RAM stands for Ras Avel Mentality.

I have also been active in the club and arranged Dwarfpinscherträffer in Gothenburg with a neighbor.

Nowadays I organize meetings and other activities on my own, but together with another girl we have started an activity group on Facebook called "Dog Activities in Focus" where we will put everything up fun and everyone is welcome.


All our dogs have a swimming license which is required to swim in a special swimming pool, we do this for purely healthcare purposes and for fun.

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