Rock N`Bark Crash Diet "Bella" 

Reg No: SE57877 / 2012
Born: 121101-Died 160709
Knees: 141104, u.a
Eyecheck: 141104, PPM iris / irismild, which means no hindrance for breeding.
The mentality: 140927 BPH, withgood results.
Size: 30cm
Weight: 5,6kg
Bella is the kindest, safest dog you can have. She likes to work butsnuggle at home is just asdelightful. Bella has gone several courses and think this is fun just tovary the otherwise tired she was.She is shown several times by so far 6 excellent, 9 very good, 1 CK

Everything is available at SKK if one is looking at her reg.

150506 she gave birth to her firstand kennels first litter that will be named: Gemstone litter for kennelname. more about the puppies can be found under the tab pupp



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