The breed has a history as a watchdog and rat hunter with descendants from one of Germany's oldest breeds - bare-and-sleigh turf dog. Around the turn of the century there were a large number of dwarf pins. The pedigree from 1925 already contains 1,300 copies. From the many color variants, as in Pentecost, blacks with lighter antelope and single colored red to brownish dogs.

Area of ​​use

Dwarf pinschern is a companion dog who thinks all activation is fun. Love everything from tracing in the woods to lay under the rug and muzzle. It is lively and temperate. Equally sharing passivity and activity makes it a balanced and nice family dog.


The breed is relatively healthy. There are eye diseases and patella luxation (loose knee joint).

Properties / Mentality

Dwarf pinschern is a happy and active dog who would like to be at the center. It is loyal to his family and can warn when it comes alien. Dwarf pinschern is also a dog who wants to be in the vicinity of his owner.

Size and appearance

Male height is 25-30 cm and weight 4-6 kg. The color is black with red characters or solid red in different shades. The dwarf pincers are a diminished image of pinschern without giving a dwarf impression. Its elegant square building is clearly visible under the short smooth coat.


It has a lightweight fur as bathed as needed.


It is a breed of great integrity.

Source: SKK, swedish kennel club

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