Buying a puppy with us

Our dogs live with us in our home and wherever we are, so our puppies grow up the same way.

Our puppies receive daily social training of everyday situations. Lots of play and bus both inside and outside the valphagen. The puppies live with their mother and me (Jessica) in their own room for the first time to get the peace and rest they need but at the same time keep me close. Only when they are big enough will they meet the other dogs in the family.

If you are interested in puppy from us, you are welcome to watch them after they have become 4 v.

I reserve the right to choose a puppy for you, which I think fit in your family.

We breed according to SKK and the Swedish Agriculture Agency's rules, as well as follow the breeding policy of the Dwarf Pinscherklub.

Our puppies get quality food from Royal Canin but then also freshly fed Vom o Hundemat and we go over to Acana dry food ..

We use SKK's agreement.

They are hidden wrong insured in Folksam


With the puppy it follows:

SKK purchase agreement
Veterinary inspection not older than 7 days
They are masked with Milbemax and vaccinated
They are registered in the SKK and the Swedish Agriculture Agency
Couple, necklace, toy, candy, file to the claws
Puppy kit from Royal Canin and Acana.
Permit with the puppy's documentation
Valpkulls insured at Folksam

If you choose a puppy from us, we will be there for you when you need the rest of your life. We will also request picking up


Think about this!

We see that you who want to buy a dwarf penguin are well-read about the breed before buying. You should be an active person as the breed requires some activation.

As a puppy buyer of us, we would like you to work out in some form of activity. For example, wildlife, exhibition, obedience, agility, rally sound, etc.
If you're new to them, then we're more than happy to get you started.

We would like you to do the health tests that are racing on the breed. Eye and patella examination.
Also BPH and / or MH go.

We do not require this from you but we really wish that it is in your interest. You then contribute to bringing just your breed forward in the breed and without all these tests never know a breeder if they succeed in their breeding. It is equally important to you, of course, want a healthy and mentally stable life mate.

Update 14-12-2019

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