Breedstandard by FCI Miniture Pinscher

Country of origin / Homeland Germany

Field of application
FCI Classification Group 2, Section 1
Background / Purpose Around the turn of the century, there were a large number of dwarf spiders. The stam book from 1925 already contains 1,300 copies. Out of the many
The color variants, like the pinschern, are black on
lighter aunt and single colored red to brownish dogs.


The dwarf pins should be a diminished image of pinschern without giving a dwarf impression. Its elegant square building is clearly visible under the short smooth coat.

Important measurements

The dwarf pinch should be as square as possible. The entire length of the head (from the nose tip to the neck) shall correspond to half the length of the back (from male to tail position).

Conduct / Character

The dwarf pinch is lively, temperate, confident and balanced. This makes it a nice family and pet dog.


The skull should be strong and elongated without strong prominent neck nodes. The forehead should be flat, without wrinkles and running parallel to the back of the nose.

Stop Stop must be easy, yet clearly marked.

Nosetryffel Nostryffel shall be black and well developed.
Noseparti Nospartiet shall end in a blunt wedge. The nose back should be straight.
Lips Lips should be black, tight and close close to the jaws. The mungipes should be tight.

Jaws / teeth The lower and upper jaws should be strong. The full-fledged scissors
shall be strong with pure white teeth. The chewing muscles should
Be strongly developed without disturbing childhood education.

Eyes Eyes shall be dark and oval. Eyelashes shall be
black and adjacent.

Ears The ears shall be ears of ears or hanging forward ears. The
Hanging ears should be high-headed, v-shaped and ears
The inner edge should lie against the cheeks and be directed towards
temples. The fold must be parallel and not above
the plan of the skull.

Neck Neckline should be noble curved and not too short. It should be harmonious
and even pass into the mankind. The neck should be dry outside
loose neckline or heel bag. The scalp should be tight and
without wrinkles.

Backline The back line should be slightly backward.
Manke Manken shall constitute the highest point of the upper line.
Back The back should be strong, short and tight.
Lend party Lend party shall be strong. The distance from the last rib to
The hip should be short, the dog seems compact.

Cross The cross should be easily rounded and unnoticed in the tail set.

Chest chest should be moderately wide, oval in cross section
and reach the elbows. The breast should be markedly developed
through the sternum button.

Bottom line The flanks should not be exaggerated but form one
beautiful curved line.

Tail The tail shall be natural (uncuperated). A tail that is shaped
as a saber or cut is sought.

Frames The front of the front must be strong, straight and not crowded
set. The forearms shall be seen from the side straight.

Shoulder blade Shoulder blades should be stuck to the chest. shoulders
should be well muscled on both sides of the shoulder blades and now
over the roots of the chestnuts. They should be as oblique as
possible and well laid back. The angle to the horizontal line shall
be about 50 degrees.

Upper armrests should lie well against the body. They must be powerful
and muscular. They should be angled about 95-105 degrees to
shoulder blades.

Elbow The elbows should lie correctly and neither be outward nor

Forearm Forearms must be highly developed and well muscled.
From the front and from the sides they should be perfectly straight.

Handlov Handlovarna shall be strong and firm.
Intermediate The middle hands shall be strong and slightly resilient. Views
From the front they shall be vertical, seen from the side they shall be
slightly oblique.

Front paws The front paws must be short and round with arched and tight adjacent
each other's toes (cat feet). The paddles must be hard.
The claws should be short, black and strong.

Rear frame Rear legs should be obliquely seen from the side. Seen from behind
they should be parallel and not crowded.

Thigh thighs should be moderately long. They shall be broad with strong

Knee knees must not be inward or outward.
Lower leg Legs must be long, strong, tendonous and transition into powerful

Hasas should be pronounced angled, powerful and stable as well
neither be inward or outward.

Intermediate Feet should be vertically positioned.
Rear axles The rear axles should be slightly longer than the front axles. They should have
curved and close to the product

Movements  Miniature pinscher is a running dog. The back should remain firm and relative
still in motion. The movements shall be harmonious, safe, powerful,
free and ground-breaking. Typical trot has good stride, is relaxed
and floating with heavily pushed and free forward movements.

Skin The skin should be tight on the whole body.
  Coat structure The fur should be short and tight. It should lie flat next to the body
and be shiny. There must be no bare places.

deer red, reddish brown to dark brown

Black with tan:
Light black fur with red or rusty brown characters. Desirable
are as dark, deep and sharp delimited characters as possible.
The signs must be above the eyes, on the underside of the throat, the middle hands, the paws, the inside of the hind legs and below the tail. There must be two similar, clearly delimited triangles in the chest.

Size / weight
Height of male dogs and bitches: 25-30 cm
Weight Dogs and bitches: 4-6 kg

Error Any deviation from the standard is incorrect and should be judged in relation to the degree of deviation.

- rough or thin, low or high
- rough or round skull
- pancakes
- short, pointed or narrow nosepiece
- Tongs
- bright Eyes; too small or too big eyes
- low occupied or very long, differently buried ears
- heel bag
- too long, worn or weak back
- carp back
- Sloping cross
- long paws
- Passport
- tripping movements
- thin coat
- sticky hair, eel strip, dark saddle and bleached or light fur
- Height that exceeds or falls below the standard
Provided with up to 1 cm

Serious mistakes
- lack of sexual orientation
- easy bodybuilding
- apple head
- lack of parallel lines in the head
- outward twisted elbows
- rear suspension
- straight or wheeled backrest
- Inverted hash
- Height that exceeds or falls below the standard
Provided with more than 1 cm but less than 2 cm

Disqualifying error
- malformations of every kind
- untypical
- bettfel as a cross, cross or cross bite
- individual digging errors such as design, fur and color defects
- Height that exceeds or falls below the standard
prescribed by more than 2 cm
- Shadowy, aggressive, angry, excessively suspicious, nervous

Note Bene Dog may not be awarded award if it is aggressive or extremely shy
or if it has anatomical defects that may affect
its health and health.

Testicles In male dogs, both testicles must be fully developed and
usually located in the pocket.
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