We currently have two lenders for lending. Requirements we make on the tails are shown with good results, patella examined U.A, Eye examination performed U.A, mental test BPH / MH performed with approved results.

I reserve the right to deny if the above is not done or if I do not think a mating can cause the breed to be good or that they do not interact.


Puppy meetings

We will try to have at least 1 election date a year. There we have the opportunity to make fun things together. Exchange experience. Maybe train together. Maybe we'll do it with some show somewhere. These hits are usually beneficial when you can be curious about the dog's siblings and other relatives and get to know the other puppies. We also have a closed group on facebook where only puppy buyers and the male I used their owners can join, this to be able to ask without any worries or to share their puppy with others with nice pictures. In this group I also put in small blinkers and other.

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