4/1 Exhibition Nordic Show My Dog in Gothenburg. Bonnie, Alisa, Anima, Becka, Farris

5/1 International Exhibition and CRUFTS Qualified Show My Dog in Gothenburg. Anima, Becka, Farris

13/1 Black Star is born

21/1 Constellation litter is born



3-4/3 Show, Holland Groningen with Becka and Farris.


22/4 Rally sound A Marks Municipality. Loke

23/4 Rally sound A Gothenburg. Loke

24/4 Alisa Mali Zmaj 4years

28/4 Rally sounded all classes in Uddevalla. Loke, Farris, Becka


6/5 Bonnie 3years

10-11/5 Show in Eskilstuna Swedish Schnauzer and pinscher club specialshow.

11-13 / 5 Exhibition in Denmark Roskilde 3 days. Farris, Becka.

25-27 / 5 DP-Weekend in Ullared A weekend for all dp owners.


10/6 Exhibition Vänersborg Nordic show. Becka, Farris, Anima

14/6 Rally sound N, Lilla Edet. Becka o Alisa

18/6 Bona Anima Mali ZMaj 4years

25/6 Rally sounded N in Gothenburg. Becka o Alisa

28/6 Norwinstar Farris 4 years.

30/6 Exhibition Borås, Farris, Becka, Bonnie, Anima, Alisa


1/7 Exhibition Borås. Farris, Becka, Anima

6/7 Exhibition Tvååker Nordic show. Farris, Becka, Anima, Bonnie, Alisa

7/7 Exhibition Tvååker. Farris, Becka, Anima

20-21 / 7 Rally-sounded Rally By Night in Falkenberg all classes. Loke, Bonnie, Farris, Becka, Alisa


9-12 / 8 Exhibition Holland World Dog Show 3 days. Bonnie, Alisa, Anima, Becka, Farris


22/9 Exhibition Denmark Ballerup Copenhagen winner. Bonnie, Alisa, Becka, Anima, Farris

24/9 Anjediamond`s Princess Jasmin "Becka" 2 years


11-14 / 10 Exhibition Poland Kielce European Dog show. Bonnie, Alisa, Anima, Becka, Farris


3-4 / 11 Denmark Herning 2 days. Danish winner exhibition. Bonnie, Alisa, Becka

17-18 / 11 Exhibition Norway Lilleström. Norwegian winner exhibition. Bonnie, Alisa, Becka


8/12 Exhibition Stockholm Swedish Vinnarutstilling. Bonnie, Alisa

14-16 / 12 Exhibition Holland Amsterdam Holland Cup o Amsterdam winner. Bonnie, Alisa, Becka

23/12 Norwinstars Doctor Finklestein "Loke" 5 years

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